Hybridity is the joining of one species with another. This domain exists somewhere between the defined worlds and an ownerless territory bereft of sharp borders and outlines. Combining separate entities results in the creation of a new world of content. Hybridity – a merging of foreign foundations threatening customary systems of classification and order – is liable to appear “monstrous”.

As a manifestation of equality and diversity "ANIMA(L)TED" allows the user to create thousands of new hybrid symbols from just a few basic symbols.

Designing the Symbols

The basic symbols are built on a fixed grid and simple geometric shapes, so each symbol an be combined with the others.

Creating the First Hybrids

Initially, the symbols were combined together randomly; but it quickly became evident that was necessary to develop an intelligent method for creating large amounts of symbols.

Developing a Method

After several trials, the method that has been proven to be the most suitable is skeletal and or body part division. The symbols were specifically divided further by head, body, and limbs; though in some cases were further divided by beaks, horns, and tails.
These specifications (or divisions) create a “bank of choice” from which to create or assemble new hybrids.

Hybrid composed of five different symbols.

Designing the Symbols Using the New Method

After implementing the new method and forming thousands of new hybrids, I began to design groups of new symbols using the same method, which opened up possibilities for even more surprising and unexpected hybrids.

Today, “ANIMA(L)TED” can be used to create over 500,000 unique symbols.